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Profit Bank offers a smart and secure way to invest in crypto, earn compound interest and achieve long term growth of your capital. The legacy financial system is slow, inefficient, and constrained by intermediaries. We’re on a mission to change that.

How Profit Bank Fund Works
Built on careful, strategic research
Profit Bank is an amalgamation of industry expert knowledge and investor assessment. Our use of AI and ML helps overcome the uncertainty of cryptocurrencies. With powerful data analytics, Profit Bank can predict and forecast significant events in the cryptocurrency market and make well-informed investment decisions. By collecting, cleaning, processing, and analysing large sets of data, we provide valuable insights into a digital currency. Our data scientists and developers create neural networks or forecasting models to analyse the historical cryptocurrency market data and generate accurate predictions about a particular cryptocurrency’s price at a given date and time in the future.

AI Blockchain
Additionally, AI with blockchain makes an even more powerful combination. Blockchain keeps a digital record of not only transactions but anything of value. Since blockchain enables data to be stored and shared in a secure manner, Profit Bank uses AI to analyse and generate insights from the historical and real-time blockchain data to generate value. Blockchain transactions can also reveal behavioural patterns to help make sense of the drivers in the cryptocurrency market. Investors will then be able to generate accurate predictions on cryptocurrencies.

The rewards our users can expect are;
● Long-term Capital Appreciation – representative of the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the rewards programme
● Quarterly Income Rewards – Determined by investment activity
Profit Bank competes in a new market, offering a simple solution to cryptocurrency investment.

Pairing prospective investors with offerings and opportunities while removing the continuous housekeeping associated with cryptocurrency investments.

As part of the Profit Bank Structure, token holders are authorised to receive quarterly rewards, representative of the performance of realised investments during that quarterly period.

The breakdown of Rewards distribution is outlined below:
● 90% of realised profits generated with Profit Bank efforts and activities will be returned to the token holder in BNB (quarterly).
● 10% of profits each quarter will be utilised to fund the ongoing development of Profit Bank and the investment activities associated with our platform.


Token Name : Profitbank
Token Symbol : PBK
Contract Address : 0xf2f087955684Eabdf252A16C7B6620a1e3774515
Decimals of Precision : 6
Pre-sale : DxSale


3% Redistributed
2% Liquidity
2.5% Marketing
2.5% Development


5% Redistributed
2% Liquidity
1.5% Marketing
1.5% Development


PBK Sale and Allocation
Profitbank understands that the true value of any token is dependent on the token holders themselves, supporting and preserving the demand, support, and liquidity within blockchain ecosystems. Considering this, the majority of PBK tokens will be allocated directly to the market. A minor percentage will be held by the management team for performance incentives for the Investment Committee, who are continually researching and implementing opportunities.

PBK Launch
In total, there will be 100,000,000,000 tokens distributed. After this, there will be no further releases. The breakdown for allocation and release is detailed below:

■ 75% of all tokens will be allocated to the market for sale
■ 15% of all tokens will be sold via private sale to early investor partners.
■ 10% will be allocated to pre-sale.

Surplus Tokens
Any surplus tokens at pre-sale will be burned (removed from circulation).

For more details, you can check Profit Bank whitepaper here.