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Piccolo token is an ERC-20 based token with a 100 trillion supply and aims at producing utility products that bring a difference in the blockchain landscape. A token for the masses that can be used with ease in a closely built ecosystem and is relatable to anyone new to the world of crypto investment.


Piccolo is basically a Shib from space. We want Piccolo to be a house hold name among every person who can relate to crypto and desires to invest safely. We want to make blockchain a more accessible technology for commoners to understand. Our consumers are the same millions who believe in Shiba, and we are going to add more value to this market with a plethora of futuristic products.

Our Vision

Piccolo Inu aspires to be the most popular token in the Ethereum Mainnet for trading and exchanging gaming NFTs. The vast nature of this marketplace will be ensured by the popularity of blockchain gaming. Furthermore, an easy-to-use interface will be available for organizing auctions, including ones for charitable purposes.

The Ecosystem

Piccolo Pad : Launch your own incubated token/NFT project and stake your Piccolo token.

Piccolo Play to earn : Play to earn card game with augmented reality integration and multiple game plays.

Piccolo Wallet : Comprehensive token/NFT wallet with extensive data tracking and infographics.

Piccolo Verse : Metaverse experience crafted for gamers and blockchain-enthusiasts.


Blockchain gaming has a lot of benefits, thus more and more blockchain games are appearing on the market. With the growing popularity of those games and vast number of DB fans, the Piccolo Inu’s NFT Trading Game will grab the attention of many.

The forms of content that can be “tokenized” and transformed into an NFT are now limited to the bare minimum. We at Piccolo Inu are focused on the gaming market, and we want to give an easy-to-use and smooth NFT experience to content developers and players. Because the technology is still in its infancy, now is a great time to get into the industry, as demand for digital art continues to climb.


The BETA Piccolo Inu’s NFTs has already been designed, and will be available for auction after the token’s launch. These NFTs have exclusively been created by a professional NFT trading card designer.

These NFTs will serve a purpose in the near future, as a trading card game will start developing as the token grows. It will consist on a trading card battle game, where the gamers will hold a unique deck consisting on various NFTs card, with which the players will be able to fight with and gain prizes. The game will consist on various levels and worlds, following the Dragon Ball timeline.


Piccolo Inu token ($PINU) is a deflationary Ethereum Mainnet token. The $PINU token will be launched on October 2021. Stealth launch with a supply of 100 trillion tokens.

With an ever-decreasing supply, the $PINU release will be as follows:

Contract deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. Anti-sniper, anti-whale, maximum wallets functions will be added to the Smart Contract to ensure a FAIR and SAFE environment for the ENTIRE community.

Liquidity will be locked.

Contract will be verified on EtherScan.

Network : ERC-20

Initial Supply : 100 trillion

Marketing fee + Buy backs : 7%

Redistribution to holders : 2%

Total fee : 9%