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My Universe is a platform with tokenized digital planets in a VR virtual universe hosted on the Bsc network. This project is integrated into a blockchain based decentralized financial system that allows users to earn coins on VR games and rent planets with NFTS, which is integrated not only for entertainment purposes, but also as an investment tool.

Mission and Vision

•The gaming industry (and also the use of NFT) has become one of the main drivers of blockchain adoption among the public. And many giants of the gaming world have become aware of this. Enormous investments are being made to develop video game technology based on the blockchain.

•By combining the My Universe augmented reality game with the blockchain nft base, he has found away to a concept where people can travel through an infinite universe and do whatever they want. He created a digital platform universe consisting of unique planets.

What is My Universe Game?

•My Universe; augmented reality developed with the technology of those they want to play with a keyboard and mouse for those who want VR to my universe where you can travel to any planet they can earn token by doing the excavation of this planet,the planet where you can rent rented with NFT fives to other users in arenas that will put two teams in the pool and go to the battlefield as a team, start a war with the custom token for this at the end of the war, the winning team will be the owner of the token in the middle of all the planets companies can build, it creates areas where they can colonize and build their own cities.

•Nft owners will have information about these NFTs in certain regions. Each planet has its own rarity and mediocrity. On the rarest planet, more tokens will be found and more space will be available. According to the ranking, these rates will vary. The “myuniverse.online” site will contain information about which planet has which rarity and to whom it belongs, and personalized stories of those planets will be found.

•The users will have their own warships and special technological systems of these warships. With this technology, you will be able to build a stronger community.

•Due to the fact that this game, combined with the blockchain, has an infinite universe, it has a technological structure that is constantly being updated,developing and growing itself.


Tokenomics 108,700,000 T. Supply % Token Price Vesting Schedule

Seed Sales 7,826,400 7.20% $0.04 USD 5% TGE, then linear vesting over 18 months

Private Sales 18,587,700 17.10% $0.08 USD 10% TGE, then linear vesting over 12 months

Public Sales 6,195,900 5.70% $0.14 USD 20% TGE, the linear vesting over 6 months

Liquidity Pool 8,696,000 8.00% 25% TGE, 75% linear vesting over 12 months

Ecosystem 32,610,000 30.00% Locked, linear vesting over 24 months

Marketing / Promotion 14,131,000 13.00% 10% unlocked, 90% linear vesting over 12 months

Exchanges / Market Maker 4,348,000 4.00% 10% unlocked, 90% linear vesting over 12 months

Advisor 3,261,000 3.00% 8 months cliff, then linear vesting over 24 months

Team 13,044,000 12.00% 8 months cliff, then linear vesting over 24 months

For more details, you can check MyUniverse documents here.