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MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy / roleplaying game with a vast universe powered by a growing digital economy built on blockchain technology. Choose your own path using a vast collection of NFTs and impact every major event across the Galaxy. As Battles rage and governments fall, it is up to you to earn your share of the vast fortunes that await.

The Gaming Economy and NFT Market

The global gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. It’s estimated that this year it’ll be valued at 2.725 billion US dollars. Gaming is a growth sector expected to keep expanding until the end of the decade.

The booming NFT economy has only just begun and we have seen growth of more than 125% in five years. The combination of NFTs and the gaming economy is expected to be one of the most exciting industry drivers of the future.

MetaWars Features

MetaWars is designed with the idea of utilizing and testing the limits of blockchain functionalities. Each aspect of the game and its universe demonstrates a clever marriage of technology and adventure.

Exploration — Players embark on a journey of discovery. They traverse the vast MetaWars galaxy that is constantly evolving and shifting from the collective actions of every player. The ability to stake, earn coins and gather NFT collectibles provides an advantageous addition for players as these earnings can then be used to buy $WARS, the game’s token.

Fleet Formation — At this stage, players have the option to customize their fleet of ships and robots. Modular design allows players the ability to transform each ship to suit a specific role. Robots can be acquired through lotteries and auctions, but there is a secondary market for robots and ships, all backed by NFTs, making them verifiably unique.

Combat — The universe is a dangerous place. Players will have the option to fight in either PvP or PvE modes. Both have the chance to reward participants with $WARS tokens.

Acquire Terrain — MetaWars players can also purchase planets for their bases of operations. By doing so, they are able to acquire exclusive rights to resource collection and other economic advantages. Those who are able to buy terrain on the same planet have the chance to become the primary owner of it.

$WARS Token

MetaWarriors from all over the world will compete to accumulate $WARS tokens. The currency will give access to critical resources and other in-universe items for victory and bragging rights.

The $WARS Token Utility

The $WARS tokens can be staked on the MetaWars platform to earn rewards over time.
Some limited NFT Auction works using $WARS tokens as the currency.
The governance mechanism of the MetaWars relies on the use of $WARS tokens. Holders will be able to participate in critical decisions in the metaverse.
$WARS token can be used to buy insurance for the ships and robots the player has acquired in-game.
The result is a circular gaming ecosystem where players are able to earn $WARS tokens while interacting with the metaverse. They can trade their items on the market and earn real-life profits while accumulating $WARS and NFT items in the MetaWars universe.

Token Allocation

The tokens are distributed with a different vesting period and the percentage determines the budget allocated. There will be a total of 1,500,000,000 Cap for the $WARS Tokens.

● 27.8% Ecosystem — Transparently Controlled
● 10% Marketing — 3 Months Cliff + Daily Vesting for 12 Months
● 11% Treasury — 3 Months Cliff + Daily Vesting for 12 Months
● 13% Team — 12 Months Cliff + Daily vesting for 12 Months
● 4% Advisory — 12 Months Cliff + Daily Vesting for 12 Months
● 13% Liquidity — Transparently Controlled
● 19.5% Private Sale — 15% @ TGE + 3 Month Cliff + Daily Vesting for 12 Months
● 1.7% Public Sale — 25% @ TGE + 3 Month Cliff + Daily Vesting for 12 Months