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MetaFish is The First Referral Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT Game on Binance Smart Chain inspired by the popular game named Play Together.

MetaFish is a vast digital universe in which users take on the role of fishers with their fishing rods serving as valuable and marketable NFT assets.

Fishermen can purchase fishing rods in shop or exchange at fish market, repair their fishing rods before broken, participate in the fishing tournament,..

Fishermen can build their own team via the MetaFish Referral System in which the more fishermen they recruit, the more fishing rewards they get.

Referral System

$FISH, Go Fishing (Play-to-Earn), Fishing Starter Boxes (NFT), Fishing Rod Collection (NFT), Fishing Areas, Fish Market and Referral System are all part of the MetaFish ecosystem. Our mission is to create a Fishing Metaverse in which players can become fishermen.

Aside from the standard play-to-earn system, our team has been developing a multi-level marketing system that allows fishermen to refer MetaFish to a large number of anglers around the world. Fishermen can create their own team using the MetaFish Referral System, and the more fishermen they recruit, the more fishing rewards they receive.

The completed MetaFish ecosystem provides investors with a sustainable passive income stream simply by playing, collecting high-tier fishing rods to sell on the fish market and earning more rewards through a multi-level marketing system.

NFT Games are currently trending and continue to grow beyond your expectations. Fishing Starter Boxes and Fishing Rods are literally your own assets, especially if they are one-of-a-kind. As a result, the value of these assets will increase over time and become indispensable.

Play to Earn features

● Different locations for fishing: Fishermen can select an area to go fishing; the larger the area, the more reward they earn
● Fish market: Where fishermen can exchange fishing rods with others or repair their broken fishing rods
● Sell back to the Metafish kingdom: Fishermen are able to sell their low-level or unwanted fishing rods back to the kingdom in order to obtain the brand-new fishing box
● Fishing tournament: Fishermen can participate in the fishing tournament for valued rewards

How To Play


Name: MetaFish
Contract Address: 0xe15176bcb7633be736e94ab6aa2e57a7ed5988ab
Ticker: $FISH
Decimals: 18

For more details, you can check Metafish whitepaper here.