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Presenting Gunstar, a game inspired by Worms / Gunbound games, is an exciting Play & Earn game for gamers or from newbies to professional level to test their skills and compete with their friends in an attempt to create the “ultimate-high” shooting game, or even have the golden opportunities to engage in highly tactical games to secure an awesome victory.

Gunstar and Fantasy StarWorld will also imbue players with the experience of reality-based adventures, something that goes beyond what a mere tactic game usually offers. Enthusiasm, thrilling anticipation while playing are core to allure customers’ interest.

Game modes
gunstar game modes

In Gunstar, we have 4 game modes at this moment:
● Campaign: Single PvE
● Raid boss: Single / Co-op PvE
● Arena – Solo: Single PvP
● Arena – Team: Co-op PvP

Each of these exciting has a different game experience and purpose. You should play all of them for a better understanding of the game mechanic.

GSTS Token

GST token allocation

GST token release schedule

GST tokenomics

How to get GSTS?

● By participating in Arena and get yourself on the ranking leaderboard.
● By trading in Marketplace.
● By joining special events from Gunstar such as Alpha Release, Close Beta, Open Beta, …

What is GSTS used for?

● Staking
● Governance
● Exchange NFT Pet
● Borrow Pet in Marketplace.
● Buying/Selling NFT House, NFT Comestic

For more details, you can check Gunstar whitepaper here.