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Eutaria is an off-chain game and play-to-earn crypto currency. The project is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and requires players to hold the Eutaria token to unlock play-to-earn features.

Our goal is to provide players sustainable rewards and play-to-earn without gas fees. The earnings of players will be an in-game currency with a fixed value equivalent to USD. The earnings can be claimed and automatically converted to BNB. We are using a scalable cloud server for off-chain transactions that is highly secure and has an automatic backup.

Eutaria token

Eutaria (EUT) is the name of the token, with a total supply of 21 million tokens. Distribution on our fair launch was 100%. There’s a transaction tax fee of 10% that will be put into the rewards pool. Slippage settings for both buying and selling is 10%.

The EUT token will neither be used as a reward nor used in the game, but it is required to hold to unlock the play-to-earn features. The minimum amount of EUT token to be held will vary depending on the value of the token and the specific play-to-earn features.

In-game currency

Pleasure Potion (PP) is the in-game currency of Eutaria. The value of 1 PP is 1 USD, which is fixed and cannot be changed. PP can be bought at the in-game shop using BNB and requires a gas fee. There’s a 10% tax for buying PP that will go into the rewards pool. In-game rewards are also paid out in Pleasure Potions and can be claimed and automatically converted into BNB.

Eutarians, lands for taverns, caverns and other in-game items can only be bought using Pleasure Potions at the in-game shop or at the marketplace. These in-game assets are not NFTs and these will be in-game assets only; to completely remove gas fees for the play-to-earn and marketplace transactions.


Players can buy or sell in-game assets in the marketplace using the in-game currency called Pleasure Potions (PP). Players don’t need to hold EUT tokens to use the marketplace. However, holding EUT tokens is necessary to unlock play-to-earn features.

There are no gas fees for marketplace transactions. There is a 1 PP fee for listing an in-game asset and also a 1 PP fee for changing the price of listed asset. There are no PP fees for cancelling the listings of in-game assets. These PP fees will help to avoid abuse of the marketplace and at the same time fill up the rewards pool.

Earning rewards

A balanced and stable reward system is a major problem for most blockchain games. Either the rewards are too small or are only large enough for early adopters. In other instances, rewards are too low in comparison to gas fees, resulting in a loss for players.

Eutaria offers off-chain transactions so the players will not worry about the gas fees.

In Eutaria, players can earn Pleasure Potions (PP), the in-game currency (fixed at 1 PP = $1usd). Players can claim the Pleasure Potions, when they choose to, and have them automatically converted to BNB. We implemented an airdrop reward system on the 14th and 28th day of the month (based on UTC timezone), so players won’t need to pay for gas fees to claim. The claimed PP of players will be automatically converted to BNB when it is airdropped to their wallet. There will be a 10% tax of PP that goes to the rewards pool for claiming PP.

Eutaria rewards pool will continuously fill up from the 10% transaction fee on Eutaria EUT token trades, buying pleasure potions, 10% marketplace sales, PP claiming and other extra fees not related to play-to-earn. The more trades in Eutaria token, the more the rewards pool will be filled.


Players can enter the lottery by buying a ticket at a cost of 1 Pleasure Potion and it will go to the lottery pool. Only one ticket per account is allowed.
80% of the lottery pool will be distributed to the winner and 20% will be put into the rewards pool.

The lottery will be held every week and it will start and finish automatically. The closing time for betting is every Sunday 0:00 UTC. During this time, the pleasure potions pool will be automatically distributed to the random winner.

Play-to-Earn features

Holding Eutaria (EUT) token is required to unlock the play-to-earn features. Currently, holding any amount of EUT token is enough to unlock play to earn. Soon, we will adjust the required amount of EUT token required, depending on the value of the EUT token.

Non-play-to-earn users are still allowed to use other features that are not play-to-earn, even if they are not holding Eutaria tokens, e.g. lottery, marketplace, breeding, etc.

Play-to-Earn: Eutarise

Eutarising is matching a Eutarian to another random generated Eutarian, there will be seven questions with a timer from the partner matched. A player can change the matching partner three times a day for free, exceeding three times will cost 0.1 PP. The three free partner rematch will reset every 24:00 UTC.

There are three difficulties in Eutarise; easy, normal, and hard. The timer and earning will adjust depending on the difficulty. For easy mode, the earnings will decrease by 25% while hard mode will increase by 25%

To ‘play Eutarise’, the status of your Eutarian must be ‘underpleasure’. Status of Eutarian will be set to ‘Eutarised’ after Eutarising. Eutarised status will be set to ‘underpleasure’ every 24:00 UTC. See the full eutarise rate by attributes below.

There will be a questions with a timer in eutarising related to Eutaria. The number of questions will depends on the endurance of matched eutarian. The formula for pp earning is right answers * (eutarise rate/no. of questions), the eutarise rate is the table above. There’s also a chance that the matched eutarian will give a tip if two eutarians are compatible. There will be tip depending on the answers and matched eutarian eutarise rate. See table below for insance;


Managers can assign eutarians to the scholars. Scholars don’t need to hold EUT token to play or pay anything, the manager must be holding the sufficient amount to unlock play-to-earn. The rewards will be automatically distributed to the manager and scholar depending on the percentage set by the manager. Scholars are only allowed to play using the eutarian assigned to them.There’s a 1 PP fee to create a scholar. Keep in mind that all PP fee will be put in rewards pool.


For tavern visitors, the eutarian status should be exhausted to be able to visit a tavern. The gameplay is memory based. The eutarians must be picked based on the criteria being asked. The eutarians will show up in number of seconds then they will be flipped to be hidden. The eutarian visitor will need to pick the correct eutarians with a countdown timer, if the visitor picked the wrong card or if the countdown is over, they will lose the round. There will always be seven rounds for every visit, regardless of attributes of eutarians. If the class of the visitor is noble, they will receive a tip. The earnings will be based on the pleasure level. Earning calculation table soon to be released.For tavern owners (lands), noble class is required to manage the tavern for accommodating the visitors, number of managers, and number of visits per day depends on the size of the tavern. The tavern will not open if all manager positions are not filled. PP rewards will be automatically sent to the tavern owner when the visitors are resting. The amount to be receive depends on the visitors’ earnings. Tavern owners are not allowed to visit their own eutarians at their own tavern.


For cavern explorer, the eutarian status should be eutarised to be able to explore a cavern. The gameplay is a reaction time based. The explorer must do the actions based on what the eutarian think. There will always be seven rounds for every exploration regardless of the attributes of eutarian. If the class of the visitor is wayfarer, the explorer will receive a tip. The earnings will be based on the endurance level. Earning calculation table soon to be released.For cavern owners (lands), wayfarer class is required to manage the cavern for guiding the explorers, number of managers, and number of exploration per day depends on the size of the cavern. The cavern will not open if all manager positions are not filled. PP rewards will be automatically sent to the cavern owner when the explorers are exhausted. The amount to be receive depends on the explorers’ earnings. Cavern owners are not allowed to use their own eutarians to explore their own caverns.

Land Invasion

Invasion is an event that will occur only once a week. Monsters will invade the populated area of Eutaria. Land owner’s business will get affected if the monsters are attacking their land. The weaker monsters mostly attack the outer part of the region and the stronger monsters mostly attack the center part of the region. More information soon to be released for monster types.For land owners, If the land is being attacked, all activities will be halted until they are defeated. Eutarians cannot visit your tavern or explore your cavern. Owners will receive rewards when the monsters are defeated within your owned premises. Other than the managers, the available eutarians can be used to protect the establishment.For eutarians, any classes or specialization can participate to attack the monsters. The rewards will depend on the monsters’ powers and it will be automatically sent when the monsters are defeated.


PVP is an optional play-to-earn. A team of 4 eutarian with 4 different specialization (Marksman, Support, Mage, and Fighter) is required to be able to queue in PVP match. The gameplay is simple for everyone to play, it is similar to rock-paper-scissors.There will be 10 Health Points (HP) each team. The goal is to reduce the opposing team to 0 HP. Each team will have 10 seconds per round to decide what eutarian specialization will play. If the player failed to pick a eutarian for a round, the team will lose that round. To determine the winner of the round. Draw rounds. There will be computation if the round is draw. For fighter-to-fighter or marksman-to-marksman the winner will be the eutarian with higher endurance. For mage-to-mage or support-to-support the winner will be the eutarian with higher pleasure. For some instances, if the two opposing eutarians have the same pleasure/endurance level, the computations will be based on the total pleasure/endurance level of the whole team. If the total number of level of the opposing teams are the same, the system will pick the winner randomly, 50-50 chances of winning. There will be no draws. The higher attributes of eutarians, the higher chances of winning.Staking. Each team will stake 1 PP (value may change) for every battle. The winner will get a 50% of the loser’s stake and the loser will lose all 1 PP.Leader board. Players will have to fight to climb the leader board. The top 10 players in the leader board will share and receive a reward of PP depending on the number of battles per season.