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EarnHub is the first modular token that allows upgrading contracts on the blockchain, adding new features such as a new buyback system, self-balancing stake pool, Play to Earn (P2E) mechanism, and more.

  • AnyFlect Reflections: Simply put $EHB into your wallet and automatically earn passive income on any token. Change reflections in your dApp at any time.
  • Optimized Yield: Stake your EHB and the proprietary mirror reward pool will optimize your profits, allowing you to earn up to 300% APY on any partner token.
  • Repurchase redistribution system: The first-ever transposable repurchase system that takes holders into account. Facilitate liquidity mining and increase rewards while maintaining consistent price levels for all.
  • Why hold EarnHub

    EarnHub is the next evolution of the reflective token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC): the first-ever modular system contract that allows the ecosystem to continuously expand.

    Funded by strategic buybacks, tokens are collected from each transaction and converted to BNB and stored in the EHB contract. With buyback enabled, it buys EHB directly from the exchange, generating green candles on the price chart, and additionally, these tokens are redistributed to our holders through a liquidity mining program.

    Investing in EarnHub is investing in the future. The product will only continue to grow and add more value as our development team completes the roadmap.

    Evergrowing Ecosystem

  • dApp Profit Optimizer:
  • Through holding and staking, EarnHub holders can generate huge profits. Generate automatic reflections in any token of your choice and further optimize your profits up to 300% APY by entering any Mirror Reward partner staking pool.

    Pre-sale launchpad:
    Attend the upcoming Presale Launchpad and buy the best tokens at the earliest possible price. Launchpad is curated and rated by the EarnHub team and will guarantee the highest quality items reach our holders.

  • Play and earn platform:
  • Our P2E betting platform will allow holders to win many prizes, BNB, EHB and NFT prizes while playing.

    NFT integration, loyalty system, random slot machines and many ways to earn more. Coming soon to EarnHub.


    A portion of each transaction is sent to the Transfer Gateway contract, which redistributes it among EarnHub ecosystem holders and multiple contracts.

    Liquidity mining contracts will allow holders to increase their profits more and earn higher APY in various ways. In the future, Play2Earn betting platform..

    Total Supply: 70T EHB (70,000,000,000,000)

    Contract: 0x80CbA4031F7a75B650f4146E5CebA9d7562DF939

    Selling fees start at 35% at launch and drop to 17% per block after 7D.

  • 5.5% + 3.6% AnyFlect
  • Earn Any Token, automatically.

  • 8.6% + 6.0% Mirror Staking
  • Earn partner & Blue Chip Tokens.

  • 1.7% + 1.7%
  • BuyBack
  • Strategic Buyback supports the health of the chart.

  • 1.2% + 0.7% Marketing Funds
  • Used to raise brand awareness and commit to expansion.