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Dentro is derived from the Greek word “∆evtpo” meaning “The Tree” and Dentro Project takes its root from the consideration of TREE as a crucial element necessary to the survival of our earth and all the livings that inhabit it. In mythologies, Tree represents life, growth and by extension, the wisdom, power and prosperity. Therefore, Dentro Project is all about saving our planet earth, the lives within and the prosperity of all.

Earth is ours. Humans, by virtue of diverse capabilities as endowed, may travel to the space and explore other planets, but the starting and returning points are still the earth planet, for nowhere is more designed for human living than earth. The advent of modernization and industrialization has never impacted our planet more than now. The increasing emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, deforestation and human extractive activities that turned our once blooming forests to deserts, have led to the increasing carbons with all its attendant consequences.

Government of the world and all stakeholders are concerned about the Climate Change. The United Nations efforts at curbing the impact of climate change are on increase. The consideration of alternative energy sources by developed and developing economies is evident in various government budgets. All these affirm the necessity to save our world for ourselves.

At prime level, is human activities that plundered our forests. It is estimated that the land space equals the size of Panama is lost to deforestation annually, and it if continues at this rate, our earth may be unsafe to live in the next hundred years.
Dentro project, as a charity deal to be undertaken by Dentro Foundation, targets revival of forests, by promoting plant of reserve trees, greening of metropolis, establishment of forest and games reserves and other activities that will reinforce the realization of re-greening goal of the project.

Therefore, in order to achieve and sustain this planet re-greening goal, the project envisions a phenomenon which will give birth to numerous establishments that will operate business across various industries, from which gains yearly grants may be secured to continually funding the re-greening efforts of the Dentro Foundation, hence the DentroBiz.

DentroBiz is the arm of Dentro Project which fronts the establishment of businesses; restaurant chains, supermarket chains, hotels, resorts, plantations, recreational centers, malls, real estates, oil and gas as well as communication services.

Through DentroBiz, parallel organisations will be created to further the use of the project token-Dentrocoin and advance its adoption and popularity. DentroBiz is the bedrock of the Independence for Crypto Economy which is the second purpose of Dentro Project.


Token: Dentrocoin

Ticker: DENTRO

Type: BEP20

Block chain: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 500,000,000,000DENTRO


As a definitive measure to.drive scarcity and ensure appreciation of Dentrocoin Value, great team behind this initiative have equated a token for one Dentro Economic Tree (DET). Hence, on the maturity of each DET, the proceeds therein will be directed at retrieving a Dentrocoin from circulation.

Therefore, at a regular interval(presumably 4years), the declaration will be.made of the Dentrocoins retrieved and the burning will be made visible to the whole community.

This buy back will continue until it remains only 100millions Dentrocoin both in reserve and circulation.

Our insight is into hundreds of years, since our mission is to safe this earth planets for ourselves and generations to come. Therefore, the Dentro Project will continue to work with all its resources until every where is made green, safe and secure for us all and the generation to come.


Foundation is an integral part of Dentro Ecosystem without which Dentro Project mission will be unrealizable.

Dentro Foundation is a non -profit making organization with the sole mission to make this earth green, safe and secure.

Dentro foundation with branches across the continents will collaborate with heads of governments in various regions and relevant arms/agencies of UN and other regional organizations to collaborate on combating climate change and neutralize its effects.

Dentro Foundation will work with various local organizations to assess the dangers and educate the local populace on deffects of deforestation, human extractive activities and explorations. Where possible, the foundation will influence studies and researches into the alternative energies and affordabilities to reduce the dangers which are inherent in the existing systems.

The Dentro Foundation, although will be positioned to attract local and international aids, its main seed capital will spring from 15% of Dentrocoin Total Supply.

Dentro Foundation will launch a Blockchain for the recording of history, location and other data regarding a specific tree planted on Dentro Project. This will enable the future generation to trace our collective dear assets, with a view to effect continuous maintenance and possible replacement as the journey of saving our earth contnues

For more details, you can check DentroCoin whitepaper here.