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Problems Startup Investment Faces

Currently, venture capital is incredibly centralized and only links investors to entrepreneurs in traditional ways – on paper, with attorneys and different charges in between.

Have you ever considered how difficult it is nowadays to begin your own startup?
Companies frequently confront the following challenges:
– A scarcity of investing possibilities
– VCs’ monopolistic policies.
– Expensive charges.
– Inadequate return on investment.
These are only four of the most prevalent challenges that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. This makes startup investments unfair and uneasy, and something must be done – quickly!

Furthermore, investment conversations between entrepreneurs and investors are completed off-chain. We are attempting to bring every investment transaction on-chain, where each transaction will be automatically recorded and viewable to the public. Closed deals have a history of lowering startup competitiveness. The more agreements that go public, the more competitive the startup scene will become.

Decentralized Due Diligence

The DAOLaunch platform will pick which companies will be incubated using NFT voting.

As we seek to build the most functional platform for building inclusive finance solutions for everyone, we will provide everyone the ability to create fully functioning financial products. Non-developers may create a token, and your fundraising effort can be customized in a variety of ways.

Startups with the most votes will get a grant from DAOLaunch via what is known as an IBO (Initial Buy-Back Offering).
Startups must have NFTs in order to vote and apply for the IBO, which will push firms to purchase the DAL token so that holders aren’t only investors hoping to receive allocated funding for incubated startups.

The voting tier distribution will be dependent on how loyal each user is to our network, as measured by how frequently they vote using their NFTs.


Invest in Exciting International Projects

Tokens may be purchased from interesting high-growth businesses and early-stage ventures all around the world. For a few hundred bucks, you may own a piece of that endeavor.

IBO stands for Initial Buy-back Offer.

Using the DVC-NFT voting features, investors may vote for their preferred projects.
The native tokens of the most popular startup will be purchased straight from the market after listing, using the allotted grant, and will be burned automatically. The DAOLaunch network will help chosen firms launch successfully and deliver cash gains to DAOLaunchers.

To stake tokens, farm Limited NFTs.

DAOLaunch allows any firms to offer NFT incentives to tokenholders.
NFTs offer a wide range of applications that are not restricted to art or collectibles. NFT includes event tickets, music CD as an NFT, unique community access rights, etc.
DAOLaunch offers services in both crypto and non-crypto currencies; learn more about your favorite NFT and how to stake their native tokens!

Smartcontracts provide EXIT security.

On DAOLaunch, all startups will immediately list on Decentralized Exchange (AMM) with cash raised, and STARTUP EXIT will be secured using Smart Contract.
Before investing, double-check the exit information “Listing Date, Listing Price, and Liquidity.” All of these criteria will be protected on the smart contract and will not be editable after it is launched.

NFT Drop for DAOLaunchers: DAL Drop

Another significant benefit for DAL token holders is the ability to farm restricted NFT to stake DAL/DAL-LP. Simply hold and stake DAL/DAL-LP to receive NFT as a reward.
DAL Drop Contains: DALtoken yield NFT, Invitation link for private group, Redeemable NFT to DAOLaunch Fan gifts, and Limited Edition Design.

Brand yourself as a Decentralized Venture Capitalist.

Brand yourself as an investor in the same way that typical VC companies do today. Each DVC-NFT has a separate VC power; your investment allocation or token price will be determined automatically based on your VC power. VC power will be defined by devotion to the DAOLaunch network and rewarded on merit based on voting record performance in the past.

Create Your Own DVC-NFT Portfolio

Anyone may deposit and withdraw any ERC-20 asset into an NFT using DVC-NFT. All DAOLaunch seed tokens will be instantly put into the DVC-NFT and turned into your personal seed index portfolio.

Earn additional money by trading or lending your VC series.

DVC-NFT includes a blockchain investment performance record, your own token index portfolio, and allows you to negotiate better investment conditions. It’s as if you had a VC entity on NFT. Earn additional money by trading/lending your VC series on the DAOLaunch NFT marketplace.

– New innovations to startups investment
– Supported blockchain ETH, BSC
– Promised Investing for talented investors
– Secured EXIT using Smart Contract
– Automatic refund when soft cap is not achieved
– Secure token distribution by escrow
– Advance deposit function for investment funds
– Whitelist Function
– DAL exclusive NFT farming pool
– NFT farming with invested tokens
– Voting function for project selection in DVC-NFT
– Voting & record of investment in DVC-NFT
– Token deposit function to DVC-NFT

DAOLaunch Tokenomics

The DAOLaunch token ($DAL) is an exchange and utility token that serves multiple use cases within the DAOLaunch ecosystem.
Token Information
Token name: DAOLaunch
Token symbol: $DAL
Token Type: BEP-20(Binance Smart Chain)
Contract: 0x53e4b7Aa6cACcb9576548Be3259e62dE4Ddd4417
Decimals : 18
Total Supply:6,000,000 DAL
Initial Circlating Supply: 283,014 DAL ( $283,014 )
$DAL Token Utilities
Mint DVC-NFT: 1 DAL token is required to mint DVC-NFT. When more individuals utilize DAOLaunch, the number of DAL tokens decreases as token demand rises.

Brand as Investors: Any investor who can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capital will be able to negotiate better investment allocation, seed price, and other special perks often granted to venture capitalists.

Governance Rights: Have the ability to vote and select whether startups are deserving of IBO.

Farm Limited NFT: Farm limited NFT with DAL farming points earned by staking DAL/DAL-LP.

Create your own DVC-NFT portfolio: Anyone can deposit/withdraw any ERC-20 asset into a DVC-NFT. ALL DAOLaunch seed tokens will be instantly placed into DVC-NFT and turned into your personal seed index portfolio.

Increase your earnings by trading/lending your VC Series: DVC-NFT offers a blockchain investment record, your own token index portfolio, and lets you to negotiate better investment conditions. It’s as if you had a VC entity on NFT. Earn additional money by trading/lending your VC entity on the DAOLaunch NFT marketplace.

How and Where to Buy DAL token?
DAL has been listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, but unlike other major cryptocurrencies, it cannot be purchased directly with fiat money. However, you may still easily acquire this currency by first purchasing Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, or BNB from any significant exchange and then transferring to an exchange that trades this coin. In this tutorial post, we will lead you through the procedures to purchase DAL token in detail.