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Unlocking Success in Web3 Marketing: Embracing Growth Platforms

In the midst of a bear market, some projects manage to thrive and capture the market’s attention. This article explores how these projects ignite market enthusiasm and user interest, focusing on product marketing. While the crypto industry might seem stagnant, there are lessons to be learned from projects that can make waves even in challenging times.


The Marketing Way: The 7Ps Framework

From a marketing perspective, successfully launching a product involves considering seven key elements: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process, and Physical Evidence—the 7Ps model. This article examines how projects garner attention and spark user interest by concentrating on product marketing.


Product: Highlighting Value and Potential Gains with Friend.tech

During a bear market, Friend Tech made a striking entrance into the market on August 10. With trading volume exceeding 50,000 ETH, it managed to capture attention. Friend.tech achieved this by providing a platform for fans to interact with key opinion leaders (KOLs), who, in turn, promoted their accounts to enhance their influence.

Additionally, Friend.tech’s platform incorporated a “social + financial” concept, allowing users to perceive the value and potential gains of the product. This encouraged users to promote and endorse the platform, creating market buzz.


Price: Price Expectations Driven by Airdrops

Airdrops serve as a marketing strategy to instantly expand a project’s influence. Sei, for example, drew significant attention by announcing its mainnet launch and airdrop details. Even before the mainnet launch, Sei’s testnet had garnered over a million addresses. The anticipation of airdrops effectively promotes a project’s growth.


Promotion & Place: Leveraging Web3 Growth Platforms

In the competitive cryptocurrency landscape, projects are focusing on diverse marketing strategies to attract users. Many are now turning to Web3 growth platforms to enhance their promotional efficiency and achieve faster growth.

HashKey Exchange, for instance, utilized Web3 growth platform TaskOn to maximize market exposure. This partnership attracted significant attention, with Twitter exposure reaching 168k.

Similarly, Base capitalized on Web3 growth platforms, organizing Odyssey missions that engaged users daily. The participation reached 322k users, showcasing the advantages of using Web3 growth platforms for efficient promotion.


Thriving in a Bear Market

In a bear market, where market enthusiasm wanes, motivating user activity can be challenging. However, projects that manage to instill a sense of financial gain have the potential to stand out and gain user and market attention.

  • Fine-tuning product mechanisms that highlight value and potential gains.
  • Utilizing user price expectations through airdrops for rapid market recognition.
  • Choosing promotional channels wisely, especially Web3 growth platforms, can significantly boost exposure even with limited budgets.

Embracing Web3 growth platforms and launching cost-effective promotional campaigns could be a prudent choice for projects seeking growth during bear markets.


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