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REVIEW: Simplicity and Substance: A Closer Look at Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
While it lacks the dazzling features that some wallets provide, Electrum’s simplicity and no-frills design add to its dependability. It may not be the most popular option, but it’s...
3 min read
The Crypto Travel Rule
The crypto Travel Rule: An overview
The bitcoin Travel Rule is a regulatory requirement that requires cryptocurrency service providers, such as exchanges, to provide transaction information in order to prevent money laundering and other activity....
4 min read
What are Wrapped Crypto Tokens?
What is a wrapped token? Tokens are wrapped so that they can be used in different blockchains or non-local specific environments. A wrapped token is a cryptocurrency or digital...
2 min read
South Korean Listed Companies Hold $160 Million in Crypto Assets – Which Tokens Are Their Favorites?
Introduction Whether driven by investment or operational purposes, South Korean listed companies are increasingly favoring cryptocurrency assets. As information disclosure about crypto holdings becomes more comprehensive, the crypto environment...
3 min read
Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN)
Crypto Trends 2023: Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN)
Several creative startups, headed by Airbnb and Uber, have built new internet-enabled markets during the previous decade. These trailblazing platforms presented the world to a new way of doing...
8 min read
Why Are Telegram Bot Races So Popular
Why Are Telegram Bot Races So Popular? What’s in Store for Their Future?
Telegram bots, offering practical value, have sparked significant interest. Despite the overall downturn in the crypto market, Telegram bot races remain hot. So, why are Telegram bots trending, and...
2 min read
Chainflip: The Efficient Cross-Chain Swapping Protocol
Chainflip is a decentralized, trustless system for transferring currency across any blockchain type, including BTC, EVM, and substrate networks. We talked with the Chainflip team about the real-world challenges...
5 min read
Zodia, a Standard Chartered Subsidiary, Teams Up with OpenEden to Revolutionize Crypto Returns by Digitizing Physical Assets
Introduction Zodia Custody, a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank, has joined forces with the innovative startup OpenEden to pioneer a groundbreaking investment approach. Their aim is to bridge the...
2 min read
10 Best Crypto Podcasts in 2023
10 Best Crypto Podcasts in 2023
Cryptocurrency podcasts are a great way for crypto investors, traders, and enthusiasts to learn more about the industry, get insights from experts, and stay informed about the latest crypto...
5 min read
Is cryptocurrency worth investing in
Is cryptocurrency worth investing in?
The era we live in is the digital era, and it ushers in groundbreaking changes, and cryptocurrency continues to capture attention worldwide. Recognized for its potential and the freedom...
4 min read
How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transform Crypto
How Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transform Crypto?
Let’s take a look at the interesting world of AI and cryptocurrency. This article explains how cutting-edge crypto trading algorithms, combined with predictive analytics, are transforming risk management, fraud...
4 min read
An summary of New Zealand's cryptocurrency legislation
An summary of New Zealand’s cryptocurrency legislation
Is cryptocurrency regulated in New Zealand? Because most New Zealand legislation is technology-neutral, there is no legislation explicitly dedicated to the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the nation. Tax and...
5 min read