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What is Satoshi (SATS)?
What is Satoshi? The term “Satoshi Nakamoto” is shrouded in mystery, referring to the pseudonymous person or group that developed Bitcoin. The true identity behind this name is still...
3 min read
Galaxy Arena (ESNC)
What is Galaxy Arena (ESNC)?
Ever since its inception, the move-to-earn (M2E) model has gained significant traction, primarily due to its novel idea of rewarding individuals for staying active. Yet, most M2E initiatives so...
5 min read
BurgerCities (BURGER)
What is BurgerCities (BURGER)?
The world of cryptocurrency is in a state of constant flux. Even as blockchain technology remains in its infancy, it’s imperative for ventures to pinpoint and harness the sectors...
4 min read
Alethea AI (ALI)
What is Alethea AI (ALI)?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the manner in which humans operate, communicate, and engage with content. Its application is expanding across various facets of life and sectors, including the...
5 min read
Navi Protocol (NAVI)
What is Navi Protocol (NAVI)?
What is Navi Protocol? Navi Protocol is a Sui ecosystem lending and borrowing network that connects lenders and borrowers. Aave was an influence for this project, which closely follows...
3 min read
What is ALTAVA (TAVA)?
What Is ALTAVA? ALTAVA is a pioneering fashion platform that blends the tangible and digital realms, ushering haute couture into the metaverse. Through state-of-the-art avatars, ALTAVA offers its users...
4 min read
Walken (WLKN)
What is Walken (WLKN)?
What Is Walken? Walken is an inventive exercise app that gamifies physical activity, adding a fresh angle to the move-to-earn genre through its distinctive CAThlete NFT characters. Users’ physical...
4 min read
What is Xai (XAI)?
What is Xai (XAI)? Xai is the first layer-3 blockchain designed particularly for AAA game. Xai focuses on simplicity and user experience by employing Arbitrum Technology, reducing the difficulties...
2 min read
Kunji Finance Token (KNJ)
What is Kunji Finance Token (KNJ)?
What is Kunji Finance? Kunji Finance is a decentralized network that connects asset managers with liquidity providers, allowing asset managers to maximize their abilities with access to additional cash...
4 min read
OpenBlox (OBX)
What is OpenBlox (OBX)?
The entry of GameFi into the cryptocurrency world has undeniably made waves. Since Axie Infinity burst into the limelight with its exciting gameplay and enticing play-to-earn mechanics, a surge...
3 min read
Agoric Crypto (BLD)
What is Agoric Crypto (BLD)?
What is Agoric Crypto? Agoric Crypto is a project that provides a smart contract platform that can swiftly enroll millions of developers on the cutting edge of decentralized finance...
3 min read
Land of Conquest (SLG)
What is Land of Conquest (SLG)?
From the widespread allure of Axie Infinity, captivating gamers with its easy-going yet strategic gameplay, to the emerging trend of move-to-earn games that reward physical activity, GameFi has evolved...
4 min read