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BYDFi Christmas Carnival, Various Gifts Awaits You (2023/12/15)
Dear users,   The details of the event are as follows: Event Time: 2023 12/15 00:00~2023 12/25 23:59:59 (GMT+8) Activity List: https://forms.gle/mQXb8MoiDg8oZ1Uk9   Activity 1: Getting Christmas Gifts 🎁 During...
1 min read
Join the BYDFi X FEG Airdrop Event and Get Ready to Split Your Share of 2,000,000 FEG Tokens Together (2023/12/1)
  We’re going to launch a new airdrop event on our app to share 2,000,000 FEG! Event Time: 2023/12/1 00:00~2023/12/10 23:59 (UTC+8) Airdrop Collect Time: 2023/12/11 00:00~2023/12/13 23:59 (UTC+8)...
1 min read
Black Friday limited event: 50% off handling fees (2023/11/24)
Event Time: 2023/11/24 00:00 ~23:59:59 (GMT+8) Event Form: https://forms.gle/BW71cP4FC8LXFwNd8 Event content: Trade spot, grid, leveraged tokens and perpetual contracts on Black Friday and receive a 50% perpetual contract credit...
1 min read
Thanksgiving Feast: Successful Referrals to share the 50,000 USDT prize pool (2023/11/20)
Dear Users, Event Time: 2023 11/20 00:00~2023 11/30 23:59:59 (GMT+8) Event form: https://forms.gle/enpukiHdxN7ugycGA Event details are as follows   🆕Region limited! Refer friends exclusively Users from the United States, Canada,...
1 min read
BYDFi Halloween Party, Free Gift with Registration! (2023/10/24)
Dear users.   To celebrate Halloween, BYDFi is launching a series of activities, details as below: Event Time: 2023 10/24 00:00~2023 11/3 23:59:59 (Singapore Time) Event Form:https://forms.gle/4xEMgYPrK7PtP9789   Event...
2 min read
BYDFi’s Limited Zero-Fee Deposit with Transak(2023/11/8)
Dear users.   Event Time: 2023, 11/8 -11/21 0:00~23:59:59(GMT+8) On November 8th, BYDFi and Transak join forces to bring you a spectacular offer: a Limited Zero-Fee Deposit. This opportunity...
1 min read
BYDFi X Babydoge Airdrop Event, 2T Babydoge waiting for you to claim (2023/10/25)
Dear users. We’re going to launch a new airdrop event on our app to share 2TBabydoge! Event Time: 2023/10/25 00:00~2023/11/25 00:00 (SGT)   Completion 1: Follow Babydoge, Babydogeswap and...
1 min read
BYDFi Master Trader Event : Share 40,000 USDT Prize Pool!
Want more rewards? Join the BYDFi Master Trader Campaign! Become a BYDFi Master Trader or invite your friends to become a Master Trader and win a 40,000 USDT prize...
2 min read
BYDFi announces partnership with Coinify
BYDFi Partners with Coinify to Offer One Week Zero Transaction Fees
Singapore—March 8, 2023—BYDFi crypto Exchange announced its partnership with Coinify, a credit card payment provider that enables users to buy cryptocurrencies with ease. Coinify is offering a one-week zero...
2 min read
New User Activity: Claim 2888U rewards!
Dear BYDFi users: We will launch a new user activity on February 9, 2023, and each user can receive up to 2888USDT! Task introduction: 1. Register with BYDFi and...
2 min read
Buy Crypto on BYDFi via Coinify: Enjoy 0 Fees
Dear BYDFi users, BYDFi is thrilled to announce our new promotion “Enjoy 0 Fees: Buy Crypto with BYDFi via Coinify”. The details are as follows. During the promotion, you...
1 min read
BYDFi Mystery Box — A Complete Guide on how to Claim it
New users will now receive a mystery box containing free crypto when they complete KYC and other simple tasks on BYDFi As part of our continued commitment to encouraging...
1 min read