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BYDFi Partners with WhalePortal to Transform Your Crypto Trading Experience
At BYDFi, we are pleased to declare our latest collaboration with WhalePortal. WhalePortal is an advanced Bitcoin futures trading dashboard empowering traders with comprehensive data analysis tools and insights...
2 min read
Here is Why Hong Kong is Becoming Asia’s Rising Crypto Hub
In recent years, Hong Kong has witnessed a significant transformation. This region has always been a global financial powerhouse in Asia and the world in general. However, it is...
4 min read
BYDFi Guest Post: Understanding Crypto Taxation: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses
Understanding Crypto Taxation: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses By David Kemmerer, Co-Founder and CEO of CoinLedger   In this guide, we’ll break down everything businesses should know about cryptocurrency...
6 min read
BYDFi Integrates Alchemy Pay’s On and Off-Ramp Solution
Founded in Singapore in 2017, Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway that seamlessly connects crypto and global fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and users. ACH is the Alchemy Pay...
2 min read
BYDFi x Liquity AMA Recap (2023/04/20)
Part 1: Opening Levi BYDFi: Hey everyone! Welcome to our AMA with the Liquity team. We’re excited to have you all here today! Our mission is to provide the best...
5 min read
BYDFi x LQTY AMA (2023/04/20)
Dear BYDFi users, We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an AMA with LQTY. The AMA is to assist our users to know about this project....
1 min read
BYDFi Exchange Partners With Jumio to Help build User Trust
Singapore—March 21, 2023—With the increasing use of cryptocurrencies, more people with malicious intentions are emerging, and fraudulent use of identities and financial crimes are becoming more common. BYDFi is...
2 min read
WikiBit, a global blockchain exchange regulatory query platform, organized a roundtable discussion.
Crypto Industry Experts Optimistic about Hong Kong as a New Crypto Hub
Singapore—March 15, 2023—WikiBit, a global blockchain exchange regulatory inquiry platform, organized a roundtable discussion on “What is behind the new crypto hub in Hong Kong?” on March 10th. BYDFi,...
2 min read
BYDFi announces partnership with Coinify
BYDFi Partners with Coinify to Offer One Week Zero Transaction Fees
Singapore—March 8, 2023—BYDFi crypto Exchange announced its partnership with Coinify, a credit card payment provider that enables users to buy cryptocurrencies with ease. Coinify is offering a one-week zero...
2 min read
The Cryptocurrency Tax Tool for the European Region
BYDFi announces partnership with Divly to make crypto taxes easy. The difficulty of tax declaration is that the regulations differ between countries., so there is a need to rely on...
3 min read
How to List Your Token/Coin on BYDFi?
Hi, To get your coin listed on BYDFi, please follow the instructions below to submit the listing application. Visit the application page and fill out the information about your...
1 min read
BYDFi x FEG AMA Recap (2022/9/23)
Today we are glad to share the AMA session with our friends from the FEG team. The AMA took place on September 23, 2022. Our guest was the global...
10 min read